The Boom Boom Broom® is the idea of Charlene Kashmir Moses Naas.  It was created in 2010 from a vision that she got in a dream.

The Broom was developed for the practical use of sweeping, for decorative purposes to hang on any wall.  One of Mississippi Mama’s® main reasons for creating the Boom Boom Broom® was to bring a smile to your face, create some fun and excitement in your life, lift the spirit of mankind and put some pep in your step while doing the Boom Boom Dance.

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broom-kashmir-picMississippi Mama’s® Boom Boom Broom® Videos

Click Here to Watch Mississippi Mama’s® Latest Boom Boom Broom® Video

One of her favorite pastimes is to travel through out the United States and abroad performing her newly created Boom Boom Dance with the Boom Boom Broom®.

Click on the video to see one of Mississippi Mama’s® fun performance in Orlando FL. 

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