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The Boom Boom Broom® will make an excellent gift for any occasion. It’s very practical can be used for sweeping your troubles out the door. It’s decorative and a great conversation piece. The handle allows you to hang it as a wall decoration. Most of all it’s fun to sweep with while dancing to your favorite music. Just the touch of the broom usually puts you in a different mood and bring a smile to your face. The handle of Mississippi Mama’s® Boom Boom Broom® is wrapped in color coordinated vinyl that matches the top and bottom tassels that are made from beautiful satin ribbon.

The brooms are made of straw, stands approx. 38 inches tall. weight less than one pound and the bottom fans out to approx. 13 inches.

The brooms can be ordered in your favorite colors. Why not order your favorite team colors and sweep your competition away!

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